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Your customers are mobile, how about your business?


Custom mobile sites that engage the on-the-go marketplace.

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mobile-userMore and people are searching, researching, shopping and finding dining places via their smartphones and if they find your site not very helpful, you may lose business.

The future of web surfing and shopping is mobile – and your iScan 360 website can be full optimized for iPhone and Android devices.

Take advantage of the growth in mobile Internet with a iScan 360 Mobile site for your company.

75% of mobile users want sites optimized for their phones with content that suits their on the move requirements.

Survey says that people are 5 times more likely to bounce back from the site if it is not optimized for their smartphone

mobile-siteGoogle Study: What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today.

Study has been undertaken by a market research firm Sterling Research and SmithGeiger and in July this year, they interviewed 1088 adult smartphone users.

The study reveals that user experience has been dismal because 96% of the sites they visited were not suited for their mobile phone.

The survey added that people are 5 times more likely to bounce back from the site if it is not optimized for their smartphone.

Web Responsiveness

Create meaningful connections with today’s on-the-go customers, and grow a more engaged and loyal customer base:

Consumers have embraced mobile for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is convenience. What is convenient is typically used more frequently, and when it is mobile, in a variety of different contexts. QR codes are simply a way a user can scan to quickly see online content on their mobile device instead of typing in a URL.

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