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WordPress Platform

WordPress is by far the most popular website platform in use today

The benefits of WordPress is that it’s easy to use
and extremely well supported

1.2 million of these websites are the most popular and most visited sites in the world –
because it’s a powerful platform.


WordPress is known as an open-source CMS (Content Management System).

WordPress easily manages content on any website

wordpress-website-developmentIt’s sophisticated enough for professional developers to customize with CSS / HTML or PHP and yet simple enough for a novice to manage its content without having to rely on a webmaster to FTP updates.

You simply sign-in from anywhere to instantly update content. With WordPress, enables you to have the ability to add, edit, and remove pages, blog posts, comments, photos, videos, and more. No programming or expensive software is required, and changes you make to your site are instantly updated.

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Are there other Content Management Systems besides WordPress?

very-difficultYes there are several popular CMS platforms you could use to build a website on however they are not as user friendly or as well supported.

Joomla, Droopal are two other professional CMS platforms but are usually used by professional agencies and typically require a person to depend on that agency to maintain their website content. The main disadvantage of using Joomla or Droopal is that they require extensive knowledge to utilize and there will be far fewer people who can support these platforms.

Responsive Website Design
The essence of a good web design is all about engaging user experience

We Design beautiful, functional websites that our clients love

The best results come from careful planning of talented and experienced marketers, writers, designers, and developers.

If your design doesn’t look better than that of your competition,
you’ve got a problem with your marketing.


Perception drives a visceral response, and web design quality directly affects a visitor’s perception of a company’s professionalism and the visitor’s interaction with the site.

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As with any design effort involving branding, web design must:

  1. Match the brand
  2. Appeal to the target audience(s)
  3. Reflect the audience’s perception of the brand

Getting a professional website designed can be less costly if you hire the right web design firm.

iScan 360’s services are about minimizing unnecessary costs for customers. When you hire iScan 360 for website design and development the first order of our business is to LISTEN. Our aim is to understand what it is your Business Goals are first and then develop ONLY WHAT IS NEEDED to accomplish this. iScan 360 will:

  • Drive the right message and call-to-action to customers and prospects
  • Make it simple for your online visitor to interact with your website
  • Get your business found first on search engines
  • Your website done 100% correctly, and professionally without over charges, hidden charges or unexpected fees

Content Development

Content is very important. You want to communicate better with your customers, so let iScan 360 Branding help with all your content development needs.

  • Create content based on business objectives
  • Text, graphics, animation, advertisements…
  • Documentation, user guides, and much more…

Content Management System

Manage your site content without the need of a developer. Make changes on the different areas of the website conserving its great design.

  • Built 100% on a Content Management System
  • Pricing options to suit most budgets
  • Pricing options to suit most budgets

Web Content Development

Creating fresh and valuable website content has become a task required to keep users engaged, grow your search engine rankings, and increase traffic from search keywords. iScan 360 offers a service around developing valuable original website content. Our Website Content Development services help your website grow your Google and other search engine indexed pages, as well as target those most important long tail keyword search phrases.

The content portion of the web development process is vital to the overall success of the website. Writing for the web is very different from other types of writing because web users scan pages quickly and have fast access to endless pages of competing information.

The iScan 360 team communicates effectively and efficiently in a way that captures a reader’s attention and helps him quickly find what he’s looking for—all while conveying targeted marketing messages that service our clients’ business goals. Call iScan 360 for more information (210) 957-7944

Web content development services include:

  • Writing fresh web content (sources may include in-person interviews, secondary research, and existing web content/collateral materials)
  • Revising existing web content to adhere to web writing best practices
  • Search engine optimization (including keyword research)
  • Research and content auditing
  • Pre- and post-launch site analytics

Link Building

Our remarkable service will make your competitors think you spend night and day creating fresh new content. This content will include choice long tail keywords that rank in the top ten of Google, days after being published. Each article or piece of content will also have the valuable social media marketing sharing links.

Major search engines are changing their algorithm to favor unique content. We will continually deliver that to your web site. As a result, key areas of your site will drive traffic, generate leads, and expand the Social Media Marketing aspects of your business. Call iScan 360 for more information (210) 957-7944

managed-WP-hostingMANAGED HOSTING

Our websites are hosted by a specialty hosting service specifically designed for WordPress.

Hand-tuned to deliver you the fastest WordPress hosting around.

iScan 360 will create your website on our platform “Turnkey” and when you approve we simply redirect your existing website to your new website and hosting.

Isn’t it time to get serious about your marketing?
Upgrade to a professional website today with iScan 360!

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