Why are you paying $350/year for iScan360’s hosting?

We offer high quality managed hosting services designed specifically for WordPress. It is important for the integrity of your website to be hosted on a quality server, and our company offers:

  • Fast servers
  • 24-7 support
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • No language barriers (we speak clear English!)

Our focus is your internet marketing, and we do not feel it’s worth the savings to compromise quality for cost. This is a once-yearly cost for what should be one of your most important expenses that protects your marketing investments.

Do you offer cheaper hosting?

No. We’ve tried the cheaper hosting services and it was a nightmare on many levels. Though we could offer cheaper hosting through one of the many inexpensive services, we have made a conscientious decision to offer only quality hosting and services for our clients. If we can’t do it right, we’d rather not do it at all.

What do you offer to make it worth paying extra for hosting?

Every once in a while, I get a panicked call from someone with their hosting on a cheap hosting service whose site was hacked. They have no one to turn to as there are no back-ups and no one to actually help the customer fix the problem. They’ve contacted the company and really don’t know what to do as the site has been down for an extended period of time.

No, our servers aren’t hackproof (even Microsoft was hacked once). However, for those who host with us, we take care of a problem like that within 24 hours, not weeks. We’ve had clients who had used passwords that were too easy (like 0000) and had their sites hacked, and we were able to remove the viruses and restore their sites in a matter of hours.
So why should you host with us?

#1 Reason: Unbeatable Service

Round-the-clock service: If you call iScan360 off hours, even on Christmas and New Years, you can always dial emergency support, and one of the local people you know and talk to every day at iScan36 will call you back and fix things. Someone is always on-call for emergencies. We are paged 24-7 if there is trouble on our servers. We’ve had clients working late at night inadvertently delete sections of their websites, and we were there to help them recover everything. Having trouble logging in? Forgot your passwords? No worries, iScan360 is there to help you literally whenever you need it.
No hold time: When you do call our support, there will be zero hold time or close to it, and we are English Speaking (all-American, even Toby with the British Accent). We don’t put you on hold for hours at a time. We will take your problem, fix it and call you back when it’s fixed.
No language barriers: When you are trying to work through an urgent problem with your website, one of the most frustrating obstacles to overcome can be trying to understand and be understood by a service agent who does not speak clear English. You won’t run into that with us. We speak English, and it’s our first language!
Email help: We take care of setting up your email, talk to you when you have questions – even when they are completely unrelated to our services. So when you call because you just got a new smart phone and you want your email to do XYZ, we are there to help you.
#2 Reason: SEO – We Get You Found On The Web
Proper setup: We work too hard on your website, setting it up properly so it can be found in the search engines (SEO), to leave the hosting up to just anyone. We’ve seen too many cases where people go down for weeks at a time or have the wrong server set up (incorrect redirection), which has resulted in lost business or lost potential business. We make it our business to be sure that your server is set up properly.
No bad neighbors: When it comes to hosting, “know your neighbors.” In the old days of SEO, who you shared hosting with did matter, and your IP address mattered. We can’t be sure how much that still matters, but we don’t take chances. We don’t take on porn sites, spammy sites or any “bad neighbors” as clients to be sure it won’t negatively affect your SEO.
Speed matters to Google: The load speed of your website is extremely important to search engines. We limit the number of websites per server, which is critical for optimum performance of your website. Having a fast loading site is a crucial part of SEO, and therefore, we are committed to providing the best possible speed for your site.
I recently attended an internet marketing conference, and one of the sessions was titled “Breaking the Speed Limit: Faster Sites Win!” The session was dedicated to how important having a fast site is for doing well in the search engines and how much it mattered to the end users as well. Jonathan Hochman offered some very interesting information about how critical having a fast site and fast server is for search. He offered this fact:
“There is a direct relationship between page load speed and conversion rates. Amazon found that a 1% decrease in sales for every .1 second decrease in response times. Other studies have identified speed as the single most critical factor for ecommerce conversion”