Key Is Good Content Marketing

While the fundamentals of good content will never change, many of the tactics, channels, and even the way people consume content will continue to evolve. So it makes sense to look at some of the key trends are.

Below are the top 3 sources people use to digest content from:

  • 86% Social Media
  • 82% Information on websites
    • 76% Blogs

    Its important to do strategic planning and think about how you execute and distribute your content – according to your businesses Target Market.

    Skills tools necessary for creating powerful content

    • Strong writing and communication skills
    • A good eye for visual content preferably by a professional designer)
      • A keen analytical mind to really dig into data to find relevance to your target market
        • An understanding of conversion optimization (i.e., they are able to distinguish between content that is written to be shared versus content written to generate leads)
          • The ability to think like a journalist, stay on top of current trends, and move quickly

          Published by Ernest Castanon

          Ernest is a branding/image specialist with over 30 years in creative development and brand management. Recognized by the industry as an award-winning master designer and an expert in his field. His specialties are in building brand identity, website design, visual marketing, and content management.