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It all starts with Branding.

BRAND – is the psychological force behind your business communicated visually.

Your brand is your business. The visual system that expresses your personality, values, and competitive edge. With conceptualized brand identities, we deliver a comprehensive style guide of customized bold, clean marks, typeface, color palettes, and marketing collateral.

Is your business having an identity crisis?

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in marketing is having weak brand identity. iScan 360 Branding specializes in Brand identity.   Let us help you craft your brand in a way that will communicate to your customers quality and service.

Why Branding Matters

Your businesses brand’s is an outward expression of what’s perceived by the public. Branding is a name, logo, and all its communications. Branding includes color, shape, font, voice, even customer experience.

Brand consists of four parts:

  • Promise: What does your product enable your customers do?

  • Story: What do your customers need, and how will you provide it?

  • Values: What is the value others (e.g., customers, investors) see in your product? What do you deliver that is relevant and different?

  • Name, look and feel: What are the words and images that are associated with your startup?

Branding includes projecting TRUST.

Everything about your project should communicate transparency and simplicity.   Ask yourself:

Does your Business give off the proper image to prospects?

When you hand someone your business card, does it look better than your competition?

What about your logo, your website, and brochures? If you know your business is not at the peak of your industry – you’re making it too easy for your competition to succeed.

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Professionally designed print collateral compels prospects to take action.

  • CLARITY: Deliver a clear message.
  • CREDIBILITY: Visually project credibility.
  • CONNECTION: Emotionally resonate with your target market.
  • MOTIVATE: Psychologically motivate a decision to buy and become loyal.

It’s amazing how many small businesses take for granted their outside image.If you have had a respectable business for years with years of experience under your belt, it’s often easy to overlook the fact that “the barn could use a fresh coat of paint”.

Professional Brand Identity Services include:

  • Beautiful designs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Print-ready files
  • Free Delivery
  • Ad Design
  • Magazine Design
  • Annual Reports
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • Line-Sheets
  • Labels
  • Posters
  • Rack Cards
  • Door Hangers

Branding is a like a package. This “package” states your name, tagline, and contains your logo. Your brand is also like a seal that serves as an identifier. Finally, a brand or branding should be part of a larger strategy of how you want consumers/prospects to perceive the character of your products & services and business.

A BRAND is not limited to one thing, but is inclusive of several elements such as; logo, packaging, corporate identity, marketing communication, and all your print collateral. 

Isn’t it time to get serious about your marketing?

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Marketing Collateral

It’s critical for your marketing materials to stand out above your competition, and the quality of your print collateral is a reflection of your business’s good and services.


From Corporate stationery, forms and other print collateral place your brand across all your communication.


Make a professional impression to your clients, customers, and partners with professionally designed stationery from iScan 360.

From the simplest design to the most elaborate formats, we can help you make best possible first impressions you can get for your money. We know what works and always help clients make the best choices based on their objectives.

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